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Remote physiotherapy, that is safe, personalised and interactive

Optimov.com - providing new opportunities for health care providers and patients worldwide.

Providing online health care
Chronic conditions have become the health care challenge of the 21st century. Pressure is growing to provide better quality physiotherapy at reduced costs, and move towards a richer patient experience through innovative means, to ensure better health of the patient. Optimov is a platform that brings together patients and specialists online, to provide remote physiotherapy that is safe, personalised and interactive.

Extending care outside of the clinic
Because only 30% of physiotherapists’ patients fully adhere to their plan of care (Slujis et al), PTs need to give better support and care outside of the clinic. Remote rehabilitation allow professionals to stay connected over distance, throughout the entire treatment. By creating customized home exercises, specialists can keep track on patients’ progress online and adjust remotely - extending the care that can improve adherence.

Personal 3D-trainer in your home
A 3D-trainer makes no mistakes. By copying the movement of the 3D trainer, the patient can optimize exercising, and experience greater consistency and quicker results. With Optimov it only takes three steps to make lasting lifestyle changes:

Book a video consultation to get a health check
Exercise safely at home with the 3D-trainer and a personalised program

Use your physiotherapist as a support-system to stay fit


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